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Созданы шаблоны для WebGUI, использующие css framework Foundation 6
Созданы шаблоны для WebGUI, использующие css framework Foundation 5

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WebGUI Blog

WebGUI 7.10.30 stable release

This stable release of WebGUI 7.10.30 has fixes for the Carousel and Asset Report and the Not Found Page.

  • fixed: Do not generate the Not Found page when JS or CSS is requested.  In admin mode, this is bypassed so that admins can see which pages are really missing and can easily add them.
  • fixed: Allow IS NULL/IS NOT NULL queries in the Asset Report.
  • fixed #12461: Carousel fails to initial the rich editor in multiple tabs
WebGUI 7.10.29 stable release

This stable release of WebGUI 7.10.29 has fixes for bugs with emailing groups, the shipping drivers for USPS and a small template fix in the MiniCart template.

- fixed #12454: Email to Group ignores the From field
- fixed #12455: USPS Ship driver fails
- fixed #12456: style type not declared in the minicart template

JT's Blog

A lot of people have asked me over the years if I had a blog or twitter feed that they could follow, and I’ve always answered with the blog or twitter feed of the various ventures I’m involved with. I’ve decided that it’s high time for me to release my own blog and twitter feed for the things that aren’t appropriate to any of those ventures. 

If you’re interested, you can subscribe to my new blog or my new twitter feed now. 

WebGUI 7.10.28 released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.10.28 contains fixes for 3 different bugs in Image Asset, Groups and library usage.

  • fixed: Clearing the caches for groups that don’t exist, but have created group objects.
  • fixed #12398: WebGUI still uses Clone (missed Spectre code)
  • fixed #12413: Cropping problem or bug?

WebGUI 7.10.27 released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.10.27 contains fixes for 15 different bugs in the Message Board, click and drag content positioning, UTF-8 handling in the Trash and Clipboard, EMS and the Story Manager.


  • YUI has been upgraded to 2.9.0 in this release.
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded to 3.5.6

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