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upgrade с WebGUI 7.3.22 до 7.4.0

при апгрейде вылазит следующая ошибка:

WebGUI 7.3.22-7.4.0
        Backing up WebGUI (7.3.22)...OK
        Updating templates.
        Adding realtime workflow option.
        Adding a keyword tagging system.
        Adding index on `userId` column in `groupings` table for performance...
                This may take a while... DONE!
        Fixing profile data without entries in userProfileField table...OK!
        Building new user profile table. This may take a while...
                Creating structure... OK!
                Looking for profile fields not defined in User Profiling...
                ... Done!
                Migrating data to temporary table... OK!
                Exchanging old data with new... OK!
                ... Done!
        Adding an storageId column to the Event table...OK!
        Adding feature to CS to enable meta data in posts... OK!
        Adding the ability for users's to invite others to the site... OK!
        Adding private messaging....OK!
        Adding a newsletter management system.
        Adding HttpProxy Url Pattern Filter...OK!
        Adding canStartThreadGroupId setting to Collaboration Systems.
        Adding useCaptcha setting to Collaboration Systems...OK
        Adding new fields to Database Links...
                Adding allowMacroAccess setting to Database Links...
                Adding additionalParameters setting to Database Links...OK
        Adding support for attachments to wikis.
        Adding default admin console group settings... DONE!
        Updating Commerce....Can't call method "getAssetCount" on an undefined value at ../../lib/WebGUI/ line 170.
        Processing upgrade executable failed!

Подскажите как решить эту проблему?

--- (Отредактировано 10/1/2007 10:19 am [GMT+0300] Написал(а) hardservice) ---

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